Nanoscience •  Supramolecular chemistry  •  Materials science

The Kang Group applies the tool of synthetic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry to the design of novel materials that address fundamental and social issues in energy and health. We are particularly interested in the development of state of the art smart molecules and materials for the use in soft electronics.

Designer dynamic materials

i) Covalent synthesis

ii) Non-covalent synthesis

(Engineering at molecular level)

Smart molecules

Smart polymer matrix

Let's Imagine, Design and Make New Materials!!!

i) High Performance Polymeric Materials

Tough adhesive

Tough self-healing material

Anisotropic material, Stimuli responsive material

Wet adhesive

ii) Dynamic Soft Electronics (Future Soft Electronics)

Pediatric electronic medicine

(Growing electronics)

Dynamic cuff electrode in growing organism

Tough Self-healing Wearable electronics

We will solve fundamental challenges encountered in today’s soft electronics and  seek new opportunities in bioelectronics and energy storage applications.

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